The most used tool in the kitchen is the knife.

Your knife is only as good as it’s edge

Life is too short for dull knives

Dull Knives are dangerous

Let’ Have a Party!

        A Sharpening party

I'm willing to bet that your kitchen knives at home could be sharper.

I mean sharper than the factory "safe edge" .

Ask your friends and co-workers if their knives need sharpening, if the answer from most is YES - Let me suggest you organize a “Sharpening Party”

A sharpening party goes like this.

Participants bring the knives they want sharpened to a central place – your home or office.

KNIVES LIKE NEW arrives in the sharpening van and goes to work, we carefully’

·         Inspects the knives

·         Cleans the knives

·         Sharpens the knives

·         Puts the sharpened knives into protective sheaths

·         Return the knives to the participants – usually in a hour

What does it cost?  My price is based on the number of knives sharpened and their length

See the price list page.  Discounts for more than 25 knives.

We use a four step sanding method. We do not grind knives as this removes metal and heats the knife. 

We guarantee our work – you’re not happy – you don’t pay.

Sharp knives make  great cooks